Libido Rebound

Libido Rebound

Low libido or low sex drive can effect your health in so many ways from mental stress to extereme relationship issues. For some people, low sex drive is part of an ongoing condition called sexual interest-arousal disorder. It involves having at least three of the following symptoms, which cause sadness or anxiety:

  • No desire to have any type of sexual activity or to masturbate.
  • Few or no sexual thoughts or fantasies.
  • Not wanting to make the first move in a sexual encounter with a partner.
  • Less or no pleasure during sexual activity.
  • Less or no interest in any sexual or erotic cues from a partner.
  • Few or no physical sensations during sexual activity in most sexual encounters.

For many years there was never a solution, and now there are several options! Procedures or Peptides or Both!

Oh! Shot

The Orgasm Shot “Oh! Shot” is not a drug. It’s a procedure that revitalizes the vaginal tissue giving it more blood flow and enhances sensitivity and arousal. The procedure is performed in our office which uses your own blood platelets and placed in the vaginal tissue. These platelets naturally attract your own stem cells and generate healthier and more functional tissues in the areas of sexual response in the vagina.

PT-141 Peptide

PT 141 (also called bremelanotide) is a synthetic peptide hormone that can be used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Unlike treatments that affect the vascular system, PT141 affects the nervouse system so it not only increases blood flow to the vagina, clitoris or penis, bit it also helps increase sexual desire. PT 141 comes in a flavorful lozenge or an injection.

You do not need to live with low libido. There are solutions! Give us a call to discuss your options today.

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