At Total Performance we often get calls from our patients when they hear of new treatments for Erectile Dysfunction. The latest rage for a number of years has been the Priapus Shot. Looking on the internet there is no shortage of providers. With that said, what is it?

Dr. Charles Runels out of Mobile Alabama is the doctor that has leveraged a known treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and has trademarked a number of medical procedures called “The Vampire Facelift” and “The O Shot” for women and “The Priapus Shot” for men. PRP technology has been around for some time. It has traditionally been used to help tendons and ligaments heal. To date there is a lack of clinical support to validate Platelet Rich Plasma as a viable therapeutic tool.

The Priapus shot is expensive. Patients can expect to pay $1500-$2000 for a treatment regimen. Individual patients need to decide for themselves what their comfort level would be in pursuing these types of options. At Total Performance we are always evaluating and looking at new treatment options. Our first concern is the patients health and welfare and beyond that offering solutions that present a genuine therapeutic benefit.

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